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  On Christmas eve in 1993, Brandon Teena, a 20 year old transgender American, was brutally assaulted in Falls City, Nebraska, by two local young men. On New Year's eve, the same two young men located Brandon in a rural farmhouse not far away  and violently murdered him along with a young woman named Lisa Lambert and another houseguest named Philip DeVine. Lisa's two year old daughter was the only survivor in the house.

Looking for Boysland unflinchingly dramatizes the events in the last week of Brandon's life, exploring his certainty about his identity, the rage of his killers, and his desire to be the best boyfriend a girl ever had.

"A boy.
Lookin' for the boys.
Yes I was.
Lookin' for boysland.
To move in, build a fort there, stake out a territory.

And dare anyone to tell me
to get out."

   Among the best of the festival.
-Border Crossings

Production History
1996 produced at the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival, Toronto, ON. Performed by Christina Starr, directed by Eileen O’Toole.

1997 produced at the Queer Stages Festival and at Primus Theatre’s Show Girls Festival, Winnipeg, MB. Performed by Linda Dame, directed by Margo Charlton.

1997 produced at the Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival, Edmonton, AB. Performed by Christina Starr, directed by Rosalind Kerr.

2001 produced at Red Deer College One Act Festival.