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Upcoming Release
in 2023:

This is What the World Looks Like
When You're Gone

Writer/Director: Steen Starr 
Editing: Olya Glotka
Release: 2023
A poetic reflection on love,
loss, family,
nature, religion
and grief.
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Older Than What?

Writer/Director: Steen Starr 

Editing/Story Consultant: Cecilio Escobar
WINNER: International Short Film Competition
Asterisco Festival Internacionale de Cine LGBTIQ, 2017

WINNER: Gold Award, Documentary Category
South Georgian Bay Film Festival, 2018

WINNER: Audience Award, Best Documentary Short
Paris International Lesbian Feminist Film Festival, 2018

WINNER: Audience Award, Best Short
USNExpo, Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival, 2018

Women Over Fifty Film Festival, 2020

Putting the "I" in Trans

Steen Starr 

Camera/Editing: Tanya Murdoch

WINNER: Best GenderBender Short

Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, 2012

WINNER: Best Short

Shorts Not Pants Film Festival, 2018

film still