a poetic monologue
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  A woman is alone beside a telephone, waiting for a call from her lover... who's with someone else. 

Holding explores the desperation, ecstasy and heartbreak of waiting for love, and asks uncomfortably about how much of our lives we are willing to suspend in order to get it.

The text is a rich poetic lament of passion, fury and sardonic humour. Its first production at the 1994 Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival won a Sterling Award nomination for Outstanding Fringe Production.

How do you live a life
that's on hold?

Even for just one afternoon.

Because it's never just
one afternoon.

All week is suspended
around that one afternoon
all afternoon is suspended around the moment

of her call.

Starr's Holding is hilarious 
and searing.

-MIX Magazine

Production History
1994 produced at the Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival, Edmonton, AB. Performed by Rebecca Starr, directed by Beau Coleman. Sterling Award nomination: Outstanding Fringe Production.

1995 produced at Damn Straight Studio, Toronto, ON. Performed by Christina Starr, directed by Darren O’Donnell.

1996 produced at the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival, Toronto, ON. Performed by Kelly Bolt, directed by Philip Akin.


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