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book coverOutspoken: A Canadian Collection of Lesbian Scenes and Monologues

Edited by Susan G. Cole, these selections from theatre, poetry and prose sample an engaging range of Canadian writing on gender, sexuality, family, etc. Published by Playwrights Canada Press, 2009.


book coverWho’s Your Daddy?

This hefty volume covers queer parenting topics from infertility, trans experiences, race relations and adoption to being the child of queer parents, etc. Edited by Rachel Epstein, winner of the 2008 Steinert and Ferreiro Award for leadership in the LGBTQ community. Published by Sumach Press, 2009.

book coverLesbians Raising Sons 

This American anthology addressing the dynamics, challenges and potentials of lesbians raising sons was a Lambda Literary Award finalist. Edited by Jess Wells and published by Alyson Books, 1997.


book coverPlural Desires: Writing Bisexual Women’s Desires

A ground-breaking collection of essays addressing bisexual desire, edited by the Bisexual Anthology Collective (Leela Acharya, Nancy Chater, Dionne Falconer, Susan Nosov and Sharon Lewis). Published by Sister Vision Press, 1995.

book coverTangled Sheets: Stories and Poems of Lesbian Lust
A steamy collection of lesbian erotica following the success of
Getting Wet. Edited by Rosamund Elwin and published by Women’s Press, 1995.

imageQueering the Way: The Loud & Queer Anthology

Celebrating 20 years of the Loud & Queer Cabaret, held every fall in Edmonton, AB, this collection edited by the cabaret's founder Darrin Hagen showcases new work by Canadian queer artists from the show's history. Published by Brindle & Glass Publishing 2011.


book coverBent on Writing: Contemporary Queer Tales

A collection of writing from the hugely successful Clit Lit salon held in downtown Toronto  edited by Elizabeth Ruth, the salon’s creator. Nominated for the American Library Association's Award for Outstanding Works on LGBT issues. Published by Women’s Press, 2002.


book coverQueer View Mirror: Lesbian and Gay Short Short Fiction 

The first of two volumes edited by Karen X. Tulchinsky and James C. Johnstone contains snappy, poignant snapshots of queer life. Published by Arsenal Pulp Press, 1995.


book coverLesbian Parenting: Living with Pride and Prejudice

Edited by lesbian parenting pioneer Katherine Arnup, this anthology was one of the first to address queer parenting. Published by gynergy books, 1995.