Visibly A Parent
columns 1998-2002
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One Hand Clapping
a family vacation raises the question: how gay am I, really? 

Calling All Glam Queens!
adolescent girls lacking feminine mothers need you. 

Hand Holding Humans
the need to hold someone's hand and be human interrupts our busy pursuits.

Bring Your Wife Next Time
a visit to my elderly grandmother raises an unexpected option for coming out.

Debbie's Haircut
a discovery of gender-bending in Sanirajak, Nunavut.

Watching Her Grow Up
the development of children marks the passage of time like no other relationship does.

Sex Mechanics for Kids
parental sex education should address more than the birds and the bees.

Straightening Up
being an out-gay mom is way less scandalous than being an out-sexual mom.

Party Pooper
how much can I risk being indignantly out when I have a child to protect?

Including Kids at Pride
it'd be a Pride weekend come true if it was impossible to suggest we miss even a minute.

Make Her Gay
a prominent medical doctor says parents have a perogative to maximize the possibility of heterosexuality.

Meet the New Lover
when to tell your child about the new interest in your life?

Land Owning Lesbian
what do you call a new breed of home-owning homos? 

Y2K Problem
you might call it Yearling 2 Konsider. 

Public Sex Not at Fault
the sexual assault of children is not a result of sex in public places.

Drawing Lines Down the Parade
the recognition of gay families doesn't make our community less queer.

Learning Pride From My Daughter
kids are the most un-obnoxious proud people you'll ever meet.

Into the Lion's Den
my daughter's "family situation" is a barrier to summer camp. 

Kids Killing Kids
why do we think a little free life is ours to control? 

How to Raise a Rebel
I should have imposed every rule of good behaviour from the moment she first squawked.

Who's Fit to Parent?
alternative reproduction methods are a gay issue.

Honesty is the Best Policy
or so i thought until she discovered the box under my bed.

Kids at School Make Fun of Lesbians
the gay issue is starting to pop up like rubber duckies in a tub.

Parents & Friends of Lovers Uf Barbie
it can't be normal for a girl to like Barbie. 

Dressed to the Nines
children are yelled at, pushed, slapped, derided and forced to do things against their will, all the time.

"People who are fit to be parents aren't those who are attracted to the opposite sex. They aren't those who love only one person at a time. They aren't those who can buy a house first and afford to fix up the nursery. They are people who can love and who can let love lead them. And that's all the qualification we should demand."
-Who's Fit to Parent?