Dr. Constance Cumming Wants
to Help You Get Laid!!
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Behind a lecturn and with a slide show at the ready, Dr. Constance Cumming shares tested advice and unusual know-how on how to get laid, from attraction and fashion to having sex in the fridge or how not to be recognized the next morning.

Dr. Constance Cumminging Wants to Help You Get Laid!! began as a short cabaret skit in 1998 for Buddies in Bad Times Theatre's annual Strange Sisters Cabaret, where it brought down the house. It was then developed as a full length piece and toured the Fringe circuit across Canada and in the United States to exuberant audience reception.

"Many people vill sink zat lesbian sex is like lesbian humour:
it does not exist.
However, I can assure you zat having sex is a chief benefit of being lesbian,
second only to learning
how to farm organically."

      A very funny show!
-Playbill Online

Production History

1999 produced at the Winnipeg (MB), Vancouver (BC) and New York (NY) Fringe Theatre Festivals, with sold out performances. Performed by christina starr and directed by Margo Charlton.

2000 produced at the San Francisco Fringe Theatre Festival, San Francisco, CA. Performed by christina starr and directed by Margo Charlton.

2009 Dr. Cumming hosted the Degenderit Drag Performance cabaret on the Village Stage, Pride 2009, Toronto, ON.

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